The First Cuckoo in Spring

Furrow / 5th May, 2016

cuckooMum text me this morning… “The Cuckoo is singing loud and clear”. I look forward to this message in some shape or form, without fail, every year. Spring has now sprung, it’s official. This yearly migratory message has arrived right about now ever since I can remember.

OK, the Bluebells kick in a touch earlier (actually, we message each other about those too), but the Cuckoo chimes the first real call of Spring.

Tradition has it that the first Cuckoo lands here (all the way from North Africa) around April the 14th on St. Tiburtius Day so we are somewhat delayed this year. Let’s hope that is a good omen for a long Summer.

I smiled when the message landed, Mum has beaten me this year (I think Dad was first last year, I’m losing my knack) – you see, we are quite competitive over the first Cuckoo… and the first Swallow, House Martin and Swift. You can see a pattern occurring here.

Mum text me over Easter to report her first House Martin, but I just pipped her with my first Swallow. Mind you, I was in Belgium at the time so I had a distinct geographic advantage, if only by a couple of days. It’s a sign that I need to set my alarm and get some more early morning fresh air, I can’t lose the Cuckoo race three years in a row.

Cuckoo, bring your song here!
Warrant, Act and Summons, please,
For Spring to pass along here!

Rudyard Kipling

Delius – On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring.


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