A Jungle Enjoyment

Flicks / 27th April, 2016

The remake was remarkably entertaining despite knowing the outcome.

The python Kaa, of  ‘Trust in Me’ fame and the orang-utan, King Louie with a threatening Christopher Walken voice over stole the show.

Disney left for the most part the musical interludes alone or they were sung with Rex Harrison lethargy which was probably just as …More»

Han Solo: Chewie, we’re home.

Flicks / 4th January, 2016

The Force Awakens

The long awaited sequel arrives and my son chants out the story line displayed as the credits roll up the screen into infinity, but he is unable to keep up as they become smaller and smaller – sucked into a greater, outer space. No matter.

Then the camera view drops, holding blank …More»

Spectre…..Is the Writing on the Wall?

Flicks / 21st November, 2015

Despite the hype I enjoyed the movie – the opening sequence – as 007 trips across the roof tops of Mexico City and the camera steadfastly following him ready for the shot (to kill).


The swashbuckling cascade thru Rome, high above the trees and the chase along the Tiberius; the references  back to the …More»

Big Hero 6 & Shades of…..

Flicks / 2nd April, 2015

My son dragged me along to this film – we waited in the Costa franchise in Cineworld and I wondered why there were so many unattached ladies meeting up and then of course it dawned on me the it was the opening night of 50 Shades of Grey !

However all was not the …More»