Roland Garros & Gordon Bennett – Really…

Ferment / 28th May, 2019

All in one day – flights from Luton to Charles du Gaulle then train journeys across Paris but all achieved and we stayed until late.
Suzanne Lenglen court was our host for the day- despite the cold weather.
Not the most comfortable of arenas to sit and watch but we loved the red clay.
Also enjoyed the …More»

Certainly not a Joker

Ferment / 5th April, 2015

Back today to follow up on the Christmas debacle.

This time root canal work on a recalcitrant molar made much worse because I had already had this tooth worked on last year within the NHS. Sadly for me their skill set was well below par and although now in the hands of a Ferrari team, …More»

Full Steam Ahead

Ferment / 28th May, 2014

I must admit, I didn’t quite know what to expect from an own label Tesco ‘Craft Beer’ brew. The Co-op ones are unexpectedly excellent, especially the Mersea Island brewed Growler varieties, but my expectations were a little flakier for the new ‘Revisionist’ Steam Beer.

Tesco have jumped on the Craft Beer wagon and it …More»