Lust for Life

Fanfare / Ferment / 29th February, 2024

Wow this was a fever pitch gig.

The prologue was set by Mrs Ronson’s entertaining monologue about her life and times as a Beckenham hairdresser meeting Mrs Jones (Bowies’ Mum) and then joining the singers touring contingent. No autocues or cards sheets. Her fuller technicolour story is here.

Packed house for the main event – …More»

The Wall*

Ferment / 6th June, 2023

Roger Walters caused considerable controversy before his show came to the UK with Jewish supporters protesting in some European cities. In additon, his position in supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine has certainly alienated many people. So I can see why his tour has been so controversial.  I had bought tickets prior to this …More»

Roland Garros & Gordon Bennett – Really…

Ferment / 28th May, 2019

All in one day – flights from Luton to Charles du Gaulle then train journeys across Paris but all achieved and we stayed until late.
Suzanne Lenglen court was our host for the day- despite the cold weather.
Not the most comfortable of arenas to sit and watch but we loved the red clay.
Also enjoyed the …More»