Certainly not a Joker

Ferment / 5th April, 2015

Back today to follow up on the Christmas debacle.

This time root canal work on a recalcitrant molar made much worse because I had already had this tooth worked on last year within the NHS. Sadly for me their skill set was well below par and although now in the hands of a Ferrari team, …More»

Full Steam Ahead

Ferment / 28th May, 2014

I must admit, I didn’t quite know what to expect from an own label Tesco ‘Craft Beer’ brew. The Co-op ones are unexpectedly excellent, especially the Mersea Island brewed Growler varieties, but my expectations were a little flakier for the new ‘Revisionist’ Steam Beer.

Tesco have jumped on the Craft Beer wagon and it …More»

A Courageous Young Widow !

Ferment / 6th February, 2014

My last drop of nectar was a sumptuous glass of Wirra Wirra – the bottle had been opened early in the New Year and not fully consumed and as consequence I was late in starting my sabbatical.

I had made a vow long before Christmas festivities began to …More»

Mother, Maiden, Crone

Ferment / 30th January, 2014

Crones… the triple Goddess of Ciders. There’s really nothing quite like it (well, Mrs Forte may tiebreak it with Burrow Hill, but that’s another story), this megalithic brew really does the job. An organic pagan Norfolk beast crafted from the finest apples of albion.

It’s a crusty, clean your teeth, cleanse your gut …More»