Bildeston Music Festival – Serenades

Feast / 3rd September, 2023

As always, BMF out performs for such a small town event. Some great acts but this time rather enjoyed the blues serenade in the Garden, with tea and cake and the Jo Harrap trio 


Fawkes & Jakes family’s- September 3rd 2023.

Wriiten and published 14th March 2024

Eagles Soar

Feast / 26th June, 2022

Just back from Eagles ūü¶Ö concert ¬†– what a show and a stellar line up, although¬†Glenn Frey is no longer with us (he passed in 2016), the formidable line up was Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit and new recruit, Vince Gill with a world class country and western background and honeyed voice. …More»

Anchovies on Toast…

Feast / 30th July, 2014

Anchovies swarming off Clacton and Walton who would believe it !

Our so often chilly North Sea waters make us all think twice about even taking a quick dip but the Anchovy has shown us the way.

They have moved north out of their native waters of the Mediterranean so perhaps ‘Anchovies on Toast ‘ …More»

Best Bar Snacks !

Feast / 14th June, 2014

The British Larder just outside Woodbridge has been shortlisted for best bar snack in Britain for its salt beef Scotch egg which is cooked to order.

The brisket is cured on site, flaked down and mixed with sausage meat and served with horseradish. Sounds very yummy – will have to check it out ! …More»