Bizet Buzz

Front Row / 2nd April, 2024

Sadlers Wells hosted the ENB production with a stunning modern stark presentation with a stage set of 3D doors, a clear cipher, that were moved cleverly around to depict and support different scenarios.

The never ending suffering was perfectly executed with rolling ghost bodies moving incessantly across the stage like Sisyphus, forever condemned to pushing …More»

Dead Man Painting

Front Row / 26th October, 2023

Local amateur dramatics performing  in Hadleigh an Agatha Christie style who dunnit  Some small echos of Oscar Wilde and Dorian Grey

Good fun.

Forte family AAS & Friend – 26th October
Written & published 14th March 2024

Tina Delivers

Fanfare / Front Row / 30th December, 2022

Clever set designed that makes maximum use of the small stage area at the Aldwych,  with a seamless rotating floor and various floor sections that collapse to allow doors and backdrops to be ushered in vertically as the narrative develops. Doors are particularly effective as a metaphor for a change of place and …More»