Black Adam – Shazam !

Flicks / 11th November, 2022

A fun caper from the DC Comic books.

Dwayne Johnson as the Rock really made the film watchable with Pierce Brosnan as Dr Fate, a pale mirror image of Dr Strange from rivals Marvel (Benedict Cumberbatch) but his stoicism anchored the drama and increasingly became the essential supporting role.

The plot is plainly ludicrous but with some rare undeveloped …More»

Roxy Music Blaze Away – 50 Years On and Counting

Fanfare / 14th October, 2022

A welcome day away from the rock face. Forte drove to London and we shot across on the tube to Royal Academy of Music – on Marleybone Road, knock out art deco interiors. Sadly miss first soloist event but watched ensemble deliver with aplomb Tippett’s ‘Fantasia Concertante on theme of Corelli’ in the Duke’s …More»

The Queen – Lying in State

Fame / 16th September, 2022

I heard the queen was unwell on Thursday 8th September – a day after ceremonially handing over power to Liz Truss the new PM at Balmoral  – I felt surely this was just a precaution especially after Jubilee celebrations, where she restricted her appearances, so was stunned and shocked when it was all over …More»

Chewbacca Meets Phil*

Fanfare / 22nd November, 2019

Invisible Touch, a Genesis tribute band certainly cut a rug and some shapes at St Peters Church in Ipswich. ‘In the Cage’ from Lamb Lies album really stood out.

Superb musicianship all round and a Phil Collins replica in sound and actions – with an especially ‘spot on’ tambourine percussion celebration – elbows, knees  head …More»