Bizet Buzz

Front Row / 2nd April, 2024

Sadlers Wells hosted the ENB production with a stunning modern stark presentation with a stage set of 3D doors, a clear cipher, that were moved cleverly around to depict and support different scenarios.

The never ending suffering was perfectly executed with rolling ghost bodies moving incessantly across the stage like Sisyphus, forever condemned to pushing …More»

Dune 2 -Over Done Grandeur

Fanfare / 24th March, 2024

This was a tedious saga – sadly the film is gratuitously too long at 2hours and 45mins. The novel ensured all content was available but it needed a clean shave.

Many of the scenes were repetitive, although led by a start studded cast there was very little character development, it felt all too often very …More»

Lust for Life

Fanfare / Ferment / 29th February, 2024

Wow this was a fever pitch gig.

The prologue was set by Mrs Ronson’s entertaining monologue about her life and times as a Beckenham hairdresser meeting Mrs Jones (Bowies’ Mum) and then joining the singers touring contingent. No autocues or cards sheets. Her fuller technicolour story is here.

Packed house for the main event – …More»

Blues Magic – Missing a Beat

Fanfare / Furrow / 28th February, 2024

Full house at Apex but it felt a little like a village hall gig.
Musicianship was top calibre but only in patches was their full ignition.

Early track, All my Love, the focus was on sheer brilliance of the keyboard player, his Liberace splayed hands moving ferociously up and down on the keys like the detached …More»