Lovejoy still rules in Suffolk

Fuse / 1st May, 2014

I used to go to auctions all the time, initially dragged along by parents, I was a reluctant bystander, but I grew to enjoy these excursions and in later life enjoyed a positive buzz about the whole scene.

Last craze of collecting was more than a decade ago – Art Deco ceramics Shelley, Myott, …More»

Tulips are a Powerful Drug

Fuse / 10th April, 2014

Tulips have a dark and distant past – for many long forgotten.

Tulips are still Vogue – an expression of love, voluptuousness, indulgence, art and fashion and they are just about to fire our imaginations again as Spring awakes from its slumbers.

A member of the sprawling Liliaceae (Lily) family I was hooked several years …More»

Rook Rivalries

Fuse / 3rd April, 2014

Rooks, are a member of the Corvidae family, one of the first bird to nest and raise their young, a sure sign of Spring’s eventual arrival even in mid-winter.

In February, they rebuild their twig fortresses high in the tree tops, eggs arrive at end of the month or early March and youngsters hatch 16 days …More»

A Real Blott on the Landscape

Fuse / 13th March, 2014

I love the Suffolk countryside I live in, but some despair has set in with the ruinous nature and blight caused by solar panels on roofs.

The government set up a policy pinned around the premise that solar energy must be good for us all, and sold as a must have, a “Sid” share …More»