We are the Sweeney and
we haven’t had any Dinner!

Front Row / 27th March, 2014

sweeney1A Murder Mystery evening – Now I know the concept may sound a little hackneyed but this evening event was an evening well spent.

Mike Henderson has written and produced an excellent mystery ‘Dying For A Laugh’ The narrative unfolds in a ‘Fawlty Towers’ style hotel with a large cast of actors who play their parts as if in a Radio 4 play. But unlike a wireless drama, the artists here also have the opportunity to fully engage the crowd and can dress according to role, add accents, create colourful character counterpoints, like sergeant Sprocket (who looks a little like Forté !) and acts as a foil to Detective Ticker. They can of of course also go off script, which in turn provides for impromptu humour.

The actors read with scripts in hand which reduces the pressure to learn lines and avoids the issue of always needing a stable cast. The production is designed for ‘audience teams’ to attempt to identify the murderer and to sketch out  details as to why and how the deed is done !

sweeney_posterDying For A Laugh’ is a murder spoof in the classic traditions with a sprinkling of the comedy of Allo ‘Allo combined with Jeeves & Wooster in the mix. Phil Cory plays the central role of Cockney detective Richard ‘Dickie’ Ticker, with illusions made to Regan of Flying Squad fame – he leads from the front and is well supported by the rest of the cast.

Members of the audience unlike some productions are not coerced into participation, but there is still the opportunity to quiz the suspects at the interval with some carefully planned questions to help justify your theory. If a ‘whodunnit’ is not your bag of fun then simply go along and enjoy the gags and laughter.

Mike Henderson has made good use of sound effects but would like to strengthen the use of sound accompaniments in future productions which makes good sense. His next production is ‘Roll Up, Roll Up, You’re Dead’ which again involves ‘Ticker of the Yard’ who is on the case to solve the murder of a circus performer.

Do check it out, or contact Mike Henderson to book your your own event, these murder mystery performances can be ideal fund raisers and certainly weave a charm.

Posted by: Fawkes