Lovejoy still rules in Suffolk

Fuse / 1st May, 2014

LovejoyI used to go to auctions all the time, initially dragged along by parents, I was a reluctant bystander, but I grew to enjoy these excursions and in later life enjoyed a positive buzz about the whole scene.

Last craze of collecting was more than a decade ago – Art Deco ceramics Shelley, Myott, Burleigh & Gray were all favourites and they still nestle in a glass cabinet with the modern ware.

However, after a long gap I entered the portals of the Auction House, Manders again last Saturday, at Newton Green, near Sudbury which has only recently opened and was packed to the rafters with over a 1000 lots.

MandersFin.They hold monthly sales and the rooms were packed with punters looking for a bargain.  Surprisingly some of the jewellery went for a pretty penny and the auctioneer steamed along like an express train clouting down the hammer and taking bids from floor and internet with masterful aplomb. 120 lots an hour !

Patrons were a mixed breed, including some Lovejoy types with an eye for a quick turn. That entertaining series was of course filmed locally and even some of the series memorabilia has been sold by Manders. It made Ian McShane hot property in Hollywood.

A good day out and of course tea and bacon butties on hand if you intend to stay the course.

Next SALE Saturday 17th May…

Posted by: Fawkes