When Roads turn to Rivers…

Fuse / 6th March, 2014

Recently, I found myself in the notorious Flowton Channel watching the swirling dirty brown waters, from the safety of my car, with the certain knowledge I would have to turn back and take a long detour to work. I was intrigued to see the extent and depth of the frothing waters, so I got …More»

Where can you stay in the Metropolis…

Fuse / 28th February, 2014

At an affordable price with some chic styling?

Why not try one of the new wave of ‘cube hotels’ that accentuate the better aspects of ‘student style’ accommodation but with a few extras for the urban hotel market –  a difficult pitch – as they must be clean, hygienic and appealing – and most …More»

Valentine’s Day… with a twist

Fuse / 14th February, 2014

I had a letter arrive in the post today, at work, in a pink envelope with a hand written address marked for my attention and on the back a note, “Do not open until the 14th!” How intriguing.  Sure enough it was a Valentines card, but not quite what I was expecting.

“Be my Valentine” was …More»

What do the Orwell Bridge & Robocop have in common ?

Fuse / 14th February, 2014

Trials and tribulations can be just around the corner.  On Wednesday afternoon, the not so unexpected happened, the Orwell Bridge was closed because of high winds – and yes indeed safety is a concern to take seriously, but with a little thought and some planning the ‘total grind to a halt carnage’ that resulted …More»