Wimbledon – Time Ran Out!*

Fame / Front Row / 13th July, 2018


Nadal & Djokovic finally came on after 2nd longest men’s semifinal match of all time of all time 6 hours and 36 minutes – Isner v Anderson  – the latter grinding it out 26-24 in the 5th, This epic was followed by 3 sets of magic and brilliance from the top 2 players with match being stopped just before 11pm after a spell binding 3rd set and a telling tiebreaker landed by  the Joker 11-9. The finale was carried over into the next day running into another marathon  – and as Nadal had battled so very hard against Del Potro to win in 5 -the Quarters it proved decisive with energy levels dissipated – it was a bridge too far for him losing 10-8 in the 5th.

We had ring side view of the action- a special day as feared I mat never see Nadal play again in the flesh.

Drafted 25.12.2018. Posted 9th March 2024

Posted by: Fawkes