A Spotted Favourite

Furrow / 15th August, 2014

Spotted Flycatchers dancing about in late summer, are a joy to watch, whether darting about or perching on the washing line catching flies. They are intrepid travellers, migrants all the way from Africa and although have undistinguished plumage, they are one of my favourites, especially as for the last 2 years they have nested so close to the house that we literally have a birdseye view of all their comings and goings.

spotted_flycatcher-juvenille_2013Last year, by the back door, a precarious nest was built on the end of a mop with another mop serving as a roof and this year further down the same wall they have chosen to build a small abode of moss and feathers on top of an unused nesting box !- they really like a good vantage point.

Both male and female are hard to tell apart but they come and go with unswerving devotion – and this pair is on it’s second brood – next month they make the long trip south to winter in  warmer climes.

Their scientific name is Muscicapa Striata the latin translates as fly, seize and line and are on the red list of birds which are a conservation concern – a great shame.

Posted by: Fawkes