Spectre…..Is the Writing on the Wall?

Flicks / 21st November, 2015

imagesDespite the hype I enjoyed the movie – the opening sequence – as 007 trips across the roof tops of Mexico City and the camera steadfastly following him ready for the shot (to kill).


The swashbuckling cascade thru Rome, high above the trees and the chase along the Tiberius; the references  back to the earlier movies, even the most recent ones as he dips back again into Austria and of course London. What, I found most disturbing was the King Lear scene and the ending was a little too cliched, Christoph Waltz made a dangerous, sneering and laconic villain and Léa Seydoux was a compelling watch throughout.


21.11.15 Imax Ipswich (twice !)

Posted by: Fawkes