Savages – in Strident Form…They Take No Prisoners

Fanfare / 8th December, 2016

An unremitting hour and half of heavy bass punk – rock from the 4 piece girl band with drums and guitars piecing vocals and note-worthy no keyboards.
Lead singer Jehnny Beth who hails from France wailed at times like a more troubled Siouxsie from the Banshees and managed incredibly to keep her hair slicked back, like a modern day Lady Macbeth. She was the female dynamite – a cross dresser fatale while her team members just played and looked on.

Beth liked to tour – out beyond the stage and be man-handled by an expectant audience held upright when needed by the front of house throng to administer her oratary medicine.
Adore Life still stands out as a seminal track of art but the Marianne Faithfull
cover Why did you do it ! stood out as well – a fierce feministic barricade.

Head bangers will love the strident full base bellow……… but you may need to take a crash helmet when watching them live.

Fawkes – but enjoyed by Forte too.

Norwich Blog

Set List Norwich UEA 23rd November

I Am Here
Sad Person
City’s Full
Slowing Down the World
Shut Up
When in Love
I Need Something New
The Answer
Hit Me
No Face
Why’d Ya Do It?
(Marianne Faithfull cover)

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