Purple and Pink

Fanfare / 29th April, 2016

So, another good man down. The web has been full of touching tributes for Prince this week, none more poignant than the David Gilmour tearing up Comfortably Numb with a liquid mid song improv on Purple Rain. RIP Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 – 2016


A Jungle Enjoyment

Flicks / 27th April, 2016

The remake was remarkably entertaining despite knowing the outcome.

The python Kaa, of  ‘Trust in Me’ fame and the orang-utan, King Louie with a threatening Christopher Walken voice over stole the show.

Disney left for the most part the musical interludes alone or they were sung with Rex Harrison lethargy which was probably just as …More»

A Prince for Others

Fanfare / 24th April, 2016

Prince for me was not the brightest star in the firmament and after some of the other losses so far this year in the world of entertainment he would sit below the highest mantle, but his lyrics for  Sinead o’Connor’s Nothing Compares To You were magical and her interpretation so touching that it …More»

A Cat of Cats – Woody – Adored Life

Fanfare / 8th February, 2016

A fine cat indeed.

She found us just before J was born and although we took her home Woody just kept returning, crossing the dangerous bypass and making the 2 mile jaunt across open country.

She was so named because very early on she scaled the horse chestnut tree and put a wood pigeon to …More»