Lust for Life

Fanfare / Ferment / 29th February, 2024

Wow this was a fever pitch gig.

The prologue was set by Mrs Ronson’s entertaining monologue about her life and times as a Beckenham hairdresser meeting Mrs Jones (Bowies’ Mum) and then joining the singers touring contingent. No autocues or cards sheets. Her fuller technicolour story is here.

Packed house for the main event – covering Iggy Pop Lust for Life album. Explosive American presenter turned singer Katie Puckrik (Sparks vocal support) is a pocket ’61 year old’ rocket, looks much much younger, with snazzy dress combos. She injected so much energy into her performance and was backed by a star studded cast of Glen Matlock,(Sex Pistols) the silver fox on bass guitar, Clem Burke on drums (Blondie) spinning his sticks wonderfully and from time to time pitching them in the air, Kevin Armstrong on lead guitar, jammed with Bowie at Live Aid. These Musicians were also backed by  more 2 stalwarts, Luis Correia on second guitar (tours with Earl Slick) and Florence Sabeva supports with Heaven 17 on keyboards – so  all highly qualified !

The set was delivered at frenetic pace and also filtered with some covers from an eclectic set but all in keeping with the mood, times and personalities, so we enjoyed I’m Bored ( Iggy Pop cover), I wanna be your Dog (Stooges cover), Hanging on the Telephone (Blondie cover) Absolute Beginners, China Girl, Stay and Joe the Lion (Bowie covers) very unusual latter choice and a finale which included Glen Matlock fronting Pretty Vacant.

What a show !! Forte Approved.

Set list

• Lust for Life
• Sixteen
• Some Weird Sin
• The Passenger
• Tonight
• Success
• Turn Blu
• Neighbourhood Threat
• Fall in Love With Me
• Nightclubbing
• Funtime
• I Wanna Be Your Dog
• Hanging on the Telephone
• Absolute Beginners
• I’m Bored
• Five Foot One
• Down On the Street
• Stay
• China Girl
• Pretty Vacant

• Search and DestroyColchester Arts Theatre 29th February

Forte & Fawkes attended. Written up 11th March 2024

Posted by: Fawkes