Tempus Fugit – 2017

Fanfare / 31st December, 2017


Difficult to find the time sadly to report on musical /special watching events. So just a quick posthumous summary of 2017
In Feb J enjoyed her role being part of the supporting cast in Cats and to our great surprise sung the last stanza with the crew on stage
In April Kasabian rocked up at Southend gig – to promote new album – it became a little wild on the main floor, but we both enjoyed the gig as well as the musical Jazz treat in local prior to K.
In May Hadleigh Show came and went with the cossacks adding some sparkle











Later in May– Paul Rodgers stood up for Free running through his catalogue of hits



In June Anastacia came to town and was revelation – J and I both delighted with powerful and charismatic singer generating a warmth and empathy with the audience.



More in June – Queens – quarter finals day super line up sadly had to leave before the end of last match, so please Lopez hung in and won against Berydych – 7-5 in the third and then went on to take the title in an amazing final against Cilic with 2 gripping tie breakers.


July – Wimbledon – No 1 Court Men’s singles – Thiem stood out on our first visit we went back for the Men’s finals – sadly Cilic injured with badly cut and blistered foot -meant from the start the battle was never fully joined with Federer. But still a good day.










U2- Joshua Tree Tour – at Twickenham – huge screen and a setting sun – the spectacle had begun.










November – Future Islands at Norwich UEA – and yes we experienced the sudden crab like movements and (must be) knee inducing cramp due to the swift ducking and diving from Samuel T Herring as he swept through his repertoire.

Plus Alison Moyet All Cried Out and seeking more than Resurrection.

A good haul.





Kasabian Set list -Crying Out Loud Tour – Southend – April 16th 2017

• You’re in Love With a Psycho
• Bumblebeee
• Underdog
• Shoot the Runner
• Eez-Eh (with Daft Punk’s “Around the World”)
• Club Foot
• La Fée Verte (with “I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside”)
• Re‐Wired
• Bless This Acid House
• Treat
• Empire
• Ill Ray (The King)
• Stevie
• L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
• Encore:
• Comeback Kid
• Vlad the Impaler
• Fire

Free Set list Ipswich May 23rd 2017 (SOS)

• Little Bit of Love
• Ride on a Pony
• Woman
• Be My Friend
• My Brother Jake
• Love You So
• Travellin’ in Style
• Magic Ship
• Come Together in the Morning
• Mr. Big
• The Stealer
• Fire and Water
• The Hunter (Albert King cover)

• All Right Now
• Wishing Well

Encore 2:
• Walk in My Shadow

Anastacia Set list June 7th Ipswich 2017

• Army of Me (Christina Aguilera cover)
• Sick and Tired
• Stupid Little Things
• Paid My Dues
• Cowboys & Kisses
• Underground Army
• Welcome to My Truth
• Lifeline
Heavy on My Heart
• Pieces of a Dream
• You’ll Never Be Alone
• I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)
• Disco Medley (Good Times / Get Lucky / Uptown Funk / Pull up to the bumper / Superfreak)
• Not That Kind
• Why’d You Lie to Me
• I Do
• Best of You(Foo Fighters cover)
• I’m Outta Love

• Left Outside Alone
• One Day in Your Life

U2 Set list -The Joshua Tree Tour – Twickenham -Saturday July 8th 2017

• The Whole of the Moon (The Waterboys song)
• Sunday Bloody Sunday
• New Year’s Day
• Bad (with “Heroes” and “Where Are We Now?” snippet)
• Pride (In the Name of Love)

The Joshua Tree – main stage

• Where the Streets Have No Name (with “All You Need Is Love” snippet)
• I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
• With or Without You
• Bullet the Blue Sky
• Running to Stand Still
• Red Hill Mining Town
• In God’s Country
• Trip Through Your Wires (with “Love Me Do” snippet)
• One Tree Hill
• Exit
• Mothers of the Disappeared

•Miss Sarajevo (Passengers cover)
• Beautiful Day (with “Alison” snippet)
• Elevation
• Vertigo (with “Rebel Rebel” snippet)
• Happy Birthday to You (Mildred J. Hill & Patty Hill cover) (to Bono’s daughter Eve)
• Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (Dedicated to Jo Cox)
• One (with “Hear Us Coming” snippet)
• The Little Things That Give You Away
• Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover) (with Noel Gallagher)


Alison Moyet – Ipswich 4th November 2017

• I Germinate
• When I Was Your Girl
• Wishing You Were Here
• Nobody’s Diary (Yazoo song)
• Ski
• Beautiful Gun
• Only You (Yazoo song)
• The English U
• Changeling
• The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
• All Cried Out
• The Man in the Wings
• Other
• The Rarest Birds
• Alive
• Happy Giddy
• Situation (Yazoo song)
• Love Resurrection

• Whispering Your Name (Jules Shear cover)
• Don’t Go (Yazoo song)

Future Islands Set List- Far Field Tour – Norwich UEA November 26th 2017 (B)

• In the Fall
• Beauty of the Road
• Ran
• A Dream of You and Me
• Time on Her Side
• Walking Through That Door
• North Star
• Long Flight
• Balance
• Before the Bridge
• Doves
• Cave
• Through the Roses
• A Song for Our Grandfathers
• Ancient Water
• Inch of Dust
• Seasons (Waiting On You)
• Tin Man
• Spirit

• Back in the Tall Grass
• Vireo’s Eye
• Little Dreamer

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