Dune 2 -Over Done Grandeur

Fanfare / 24th March, 2024

This was a tedious saga – sadly the film is gratuitously too long at 2hours and 45mins. The novel ensured all content was available but it needed a clean shave.
Many of the scenes were repetitive, although led by a start studded cast there was very little character development, it felt all too often very wooden and motif driven.

I was given a small straw to suck out the contents of a tanker and came away feeling the scene with the tenacious kangaroo mouse, a metaphor for the hero Muad’dib  was one of the most compelling scenes !

Plus, I longed for some verbal interaction that was worthy.


The best overall takeaway was the moving musical score by Hans Zimmer with a thunderous base line, that reminded me of the catchy whoop from Jeff Waynes ‘War of the Worlds’ to signify the arrival of the giant sandworm or epic battle sequences.


Ipswich Omniplex 23rd March
Fawkes & S
Written 24th March 2024

Posted by: Fawkes