A Rapacious Appetite

Furrow / 17th July, 2014

The pitcher plant has been a huge success with a consummate appetite for all flying insects – houseflies and bluebottles are a favourite delicacy.

It has doubled in size since being purchased at Helmingham Hall in May and sent up new shoots to accommodate a feeding frenzy.

It is …More»

A Deluge of Birds

Furrow / 7th June, 2014

Captains Log – Saturday 7th June.

My Saturday morning ritual has just been thrown by the prediction of a months rainfall in a single hour. I generally like to go for an hours river bank wander while little miss Forté is off pony riding, it’s a habitual attempt to right the wrongs of the …More»

A Horse… Chestnut

Furrow / 25th April, 2014

My very Favourite Tree. Why, because as a boy I can remember (from 6 or 7) I would hear the Autumn storms sweep in and be anxious to get out in the morning and scout the ground collecting conkers. I would watch fascinated as bigger boys would hurl large sticks high into the tree …More»