Manic Monday – Last 16 Standing*

Front Row / 8th July, 2019

Day 7 – 8th July – No.2 Court

B was my celebrity for the day
Super upset as Riske dethroned Barty and Muchova no push over for Pliskova !!
Japanese delight as Keri pushed on to last 8 in the mens.

July 8th Brett Round of 16(Fourth Round)
A Barty (1) V A Riske 6-3/2-6/3-6
K Muchova V KA Pliskova (3)  4-6 7-513-11
K Nishikori (8) …More»

Tennis Magic-Wimbledon-Day 1 & 3*

Fanfare / Front Row / 1st July, 2019

July 1st Monday -Day 1 Court One.
First time experienced new roof. Feels more expansive than centre.

S Halep (7) v A Sasnovich Halep in 2 sets 6-4 -7-5  1.4 hours – Sasnovich had chances in 2nd set but Halep fought back

J Vesely v A Zverev Vesely win 4-6/6-3/6-2/7/5 Alexander lost his way missed break points …More»

Wimbledon – Time Ran Out!*

Fame / Front Row / 13th July, 2018


Nadal & Djokovic finally came on after 2nd longest men’s semifinal match of all time of all time 6 hours and 36 minutes – Isner v Anderson  – the latter grinding it out 26-24 in the 5th, This epic was followed by 3 sets of magic and brilliance from the top 2 …More»

City Afflictions

Front Row / 3rd April, 2015

I have been unlucky with any trip out of City Airport.

Last time the flight was unable to leave for several hours for fog, this time airborne and a short hop to Rotterdam but more fog in Europe meant flight could not land in Rotterda. The pilot then tried unsuccessfully to land in Antwerp …More»