Big Hero 6 & Shades of…..

Flicks / 2nd April, 2015

My son dragged me along to this film – we waited in the Costa franchise in Cineworld and I wondered why there were so many unattached ladies meeting up and then of course it dawned on me the it was the opening night of 50 Shades of Grey !

However all was not the …More»

Space Warp….

Flicks / 30th March, 2015


Literally a slow burn, as the opening sequence shows the future is in the instant with – ‘the talking heads’ – not that you realise it at the time. Then the movie gathers pace, moving into space travel mode where time is warped and those that you leave behind can age in years, while …More»

Mr Turner…
Left me unmoved

Flicks / 19th November, 2014

My experience with a packed audience was not exactly as I expected.

Timothy Spall – was a radical departure from a national hero, grunting and ruminating his way thru this performance. The first half was engaging and the cameo scenes were really watchable but after a while the episodic nature of the film with …More»

A Strange Drug Indeed…

Flicks / 29th June, 2014

Away for the weekend, and as we arrived at a London hotel we noted a cavalcade of vehicles and a galley of actors in costume sitting on the pavement smoking and drinking, waiting to be called to set.

Luckily enough a kind hearted steward allowed us access to view more closely the chosen location, a …More»