Tina Delivers

Fanfare / Front Row / 30th December, 2022

Clever set designed that makes maximum use of the small stage area at the Aldwych,  with a seamless rotating floor and various floor sections that collapse to allow doors and backdrops to be ushered in vertically as the narrative develops. Doors are particularly effective as a metaphor for a change of place and …More»

Sweet Fun

Fanfare / 4th December, 2022

Pre Christmas gig – 2nd visitation of The Sweet 1970s glam rock band in London’s packed Islington assembly hall. Andy Scott guitarist is the only active performer from the original line up.  Blockbuster always reminds me of funfair rides, but my all time favourite is Hell Raiser which was one of the first singles …More»

No Peaches..

Fanfare / 17th November, 2022

Back from  Hugh Corwnell concert

Sadly not enough peaches for me.

3 piece band paired back virtually an acoustic set. 2 guitars and drum kit but heavily powered on the lower end with drums and bass guitar intercut with lead guitar. You can hear the Stranglers vibe tryjng to emerge with the bass licks, especially on …More»

Visible Touch- Turn it on Again*

Fanfare / 12th November, 2022

A rousing set with lead singer a ringer for Phil collins in size, voice and mannerisms especially with the tambourine.

Super value in St Peters Church, Ipswich where acoustics are excellent.
2nd time around. Big audience turnout. All enjoyed the Los Endos finale


Web site https://genesisvisibletouch.com


Set List


Where does he go
Instrumental from suppers ready ?
And …More»