A Canadian…..in Wonderland

Fame / 28th November, 2015

Willow like and wearing a shocking pink dress with high heels, Katharine Ryan does not look especially formidable, (as I believe her to be), more like Alice in Wonderland – that is until she starts her repertoire and clocks up 50 minutes of stand up with no autocue to a packed house.

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And all I ask is a Tall Ship
and a Star to Steer her by

Fame / 14th June, 2014

It is amazing that the Cutty Sark has survived at all. Many clipper ships were wrecked or lost at sea and the vast majority had a career that lasted no more than 20 years.  And of course the Cutty Sark suffered a calamitous fire in 2007 while in dry dock that was very nearly …More»

Stan – A Humanist Wish

Fame / 16th May, 2014

Funerals are ghastly, but a symbolic ritual, an opportunity to take time to remember a cherished loved one or friend. The service is a critical facet and it may seem odd to enthuse but this Humanist service carried real weight and conviction.

The Humanist Society works on behalf of non-religious people …More»

The great Bob Hoskins

Fame / 1st May, 2014

The real inspiration for the magnificent film The Long Good Friday and this web site sadly passed away this week.

He also had more than a hand in some other classics including Dennis Potters, Pennies from Heaven, Mona Lisa and Hook.

Born in Bury St Edmunds, you can read …More»