Wimbledon – Time Ran Out!*

Fame / Front Row / 13th July, 2018


Nadal & Djokovic finally came on after 2nd longest men’s semifinal match of all time of all time 6 hours and 36 minutes – Isner v Anderson  – the latter grinding it out 26-24 in the 5th, This epic was followed by 3 sets of magic and brilliance from the top 2 …More»

Saucer Spinning

Fame / 21st January, 2018

Nick Mason perked up a dreary January night in Stowmarket with an interview session at the Peel Centre.

He spoke well, many playful anecdotes delivered with a dry wit. He hinted that stardom really fell upon them – he dropped out of university (training to be an architect) and after only 15 or so …More»

Life on Mars – RIP

Fame / 11th January, 2016

I woke to the news on Radio 5 just before 7am that David Bowie had died.

Difficult to believe the news – his music was always around us even though he preferred the quiet life and privacy of Switzerland.

I grew up with a close friend and namesake who bought any Bowie material that was …More»

A Canadian…..in Wonderland

Fame / 28th November, 2015

Willow like and wearing a shocking pink dress with high heels, Katharine Ryan does not look especially formidable, (as I believe her to be), more like Alice in Wonderland – that is until she starts her repertoire and clocks up 50 minutes of stand up with no autocue to a packed house.

Some cutting …More»