A Canadian…..in Wonderland

Fame / 28th November, 2015

Katharine Ryan in the pinkWillow like and wearing a shocking pink dress with high heels, Katharine Ryan does not look especially formidable, (as I believe her to be), more like Alice in Wonderland – that is until she starts her repertoire and clocks up 50 minutes of stand up with no autocue to a packed house.

Some cutting remarks about high flying celebrities including Taylor Swift who is given a real bruising and a clever reveal about sibling rivalries (and how to get under their skins) were very funny. She continued lashing out with stories on rape and race and has a habit of bending forward and placing a hand on her knee while talking to the audience which lends a conspiratorial air that is engaging.

Katharine entertained a very mixed audience, (which in Colchester contained a lot of women), and snare them in the palm of her hand, although, they were unsure sometimes whether to laugh or not, under such unremitting sniper fire.

This set was straight from her recent cause célèbre at the Edinburgh Festival and will ensure the cash tills keep ringing into next year.


Colchester Arts Centre (Church) 28th November  – Kathbum

Posted by: Fawkes