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Front Row / 2nd April, 2024

Sadlers Wells hosted the ENB production with a stunning modern stark presentation with a stage set of 3D doors, a clear cipher, that were moved cleverly around to depict and support different scenarios.

The never ending suffering was perfectly executed with rolling ghost bodies moving incessantly across the stage like Sisyphus, forever condemned to pushing a huge stone up a hill only for it to fall back and the process starts the again – for all perpetuity.

The ballet sequences were exquisitely delivered with beautiful symmetry with seemingly ease and delicacy.

I loved the mix of old dance hall Bizet and new modern soundtrack addition from Marc Alvarez which was gloomy and menacing almost ‘Hans Zimmer Dune’ like.

Times Review –

Fawkes – S, J & B 2nd April 2024. Thanks to L

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